My Moroccan Adventure – How I Fell in Love in Morocco

My Moroccan adventure started out as a man in search of love. My friends and family have a hard time understanding the lengths to which I will go in my search for the ideal mate. It all started in May of 2006 when I broke up with my ex-wife. This was the second time we had split up in 2 years. However, this time was different and I just felt the need to move on so I began my search during this separation where else but the internet. And that is where I meet Hajar. In my first communication with hajar she did something that I really liked and appreciated, she gave me her phone number. I really like phone conversation and believe it or not I didn’t even add text messaging to my phone until 2010.

I remember the first phone call and she said to me that she was in the car and could I call her later. At that moment I could not imagine her in the car or what type of car she was in etc. But after my first trip to Morocco I could imagine her in the car and I could remember clearly some of our very special moments together in the car.

I meet Hajar in the summer of 2006 and at that point in my marriage it looked as though we were definitely headed for a divorce Marrakech desert tours. I spoke with Hajar quite often throughout that summer and got to know her very well. I don’t remember exactly when but at some point in the fall of 2006 I made arrangements to visit Hajar for the first time right after the Christmas holidays. It was around this time that I decided that I needed to file for a divorce. I hold already told Hajar that I was still married and she was very understanding and still wanted me to come and meet her and her family.

So off I went and this is where my Moroccan adventure begins. I flew out of JFK with a small layover in Amsterdam. The cost of a coach flight from the New York Metro area ranges from $800.00-$1200.00 depending upon what time of year you travel so check the internet for the best prices from your area. Our services include an English speaking tour guide as well as food, lodging and transportation. Prices vary depending upon your taste. See our web page located below.

Now let’s continue. I remember landing in Casa Blanca and just being overtaken by fear. My friends and family had told me that I was crazy for traveling oversees to meet a woman. After all couldn’t I find a decent woman right here in the US. And what if they were right and then I really began to have doubts. I mean I didn’t know Hajar or her family and I was about to get off the plane and enter a country that I was unfamiliar with and I couldn’t even speak the language. But it was too late for all of that now so I de-boarded the plane and let my adventure begin.

Hajar was waiting there for me at the airport with her father. I didn’t know what our plans were but I would soon find out. The airport at Casa Blanca has a train that links directly to it from the city so we purchased our tickets and boarded the train to head off to our destination. We were on our way to Mirit which at this point I was unaware of. Morocco is a Muslim country and I am Muslim. However, I am an American Muslim and I am not accustomed to the entire country shutting down for the EID. So as I would find out we were in a mad race to get back to Mirit which was 6 hours away.

The train ride from the airport at Casa Blanca to the city of Casa Blanca is about 45 minutes. From there we would catch a train to Meknes which is about 3 hrs away. The train ride was pleasant and we were both happy to finally meet. When we got off of the train in the city of Meknes we walked outside of the station which appeared to me to be dark and desolate. Her father stepped away leaving us alone for what seemed like an eternity and at that moment fear overtook me and I realized that if these people had malice in their hearts and some sort of sinister plan in mind then this would be their perfect opportunity. Upon her father’s return she looked at me and translated these exact words-My father has found a car to take us to Mirit and he says that you look Moroccan so don’t speak because if you do they’ll know you’re a foreigner and they’ll want more money. All three of us entered the back seat of an older Mercedes Benz sedan diesel and Hajar was in the middle. A short time into the ride Hajar tapped her shoulder giving me a signal to rest my head on her shoulder which I gladly obliged and it was my first joyous ride in the car with Hajar.

Once we arrived at the house in Mirit I felt completely safe and was asked if I wanted to shower which of course I did since I had been traveling for more than 36 hours. After I changed we sat down for a meal, chicken taijin, oh how I can taste the food as I write these words. In Moroccan culture it is customary to eat a communal dish and for me it was a great experience. It was that night that I meet her brother Ashrof who spoke perfect English to my pleasant surprise. I spent the next 3 days enjoying the EID feast and I even had the opportunity to slaughter a lamb. My host family was very hospitable and I found the Moroccan people to be very hospitable in general. When I left Morocco after that first trip I couldn’t wait to return.